How does a webseries featuring hand-drawn backgrounds manage to have so much atmosphere? Check out Aidan5, a new series about a detective whose clones are being killed off one by one.

We fell in love with the original short movie Aidan5 a few years ago, praising its sketchy (literally) Sin City-ish vibe. That short won third place in a worldwide competition for films made in just 48 hours, and played at the Cannes Film Festival. Now the makers have turned it into an ongoing webseries — they've already shot 15 episodes in 2009, against a greenscreen, and have been painstakingly animating them ever since.


Check out the first episode above — it's stylish and dementedly awesome. The only question is whether the hand-drawn backgrounds thing will start to wear thin over 15 episodes. But so far, it's really fun and one of the most inventive webseries we've seen. [Aidan5]