A Handy Flowchart That Explains All of Comic-Con to You

Tonight, the pop culture frenzy known as Comic-Con begins in San Diego. Back in 2009, io9's second year at the Con, we created this very special flowchart to explain the experience. While a few of the references are out of date, you can pretty much capture the exact feeling of Comic-Con 2012 if you substitute The Hobbit for Avatar, and Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2 for New Moon. Also, substitute "special episode of Supernatural with Felicia Day" for "special episode of Dollhouse with Felicia Day." Some great things never change — Felicia Day is still awesome, and meeting Joss Whedon is still more important than getting laid. Enjoy!

Click here or click the image to get a bigger version of what you see below.


Getty photo by Frazer Harrison

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