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We've been keeping our fingers crossed that Roland Emmerich's new movie White House Down would contain some science-fictional insanity, given his over-the-top track record. And now, this new four-minute trailer reveals all.

Basically, a hacker blows up the United States Capitol and Air Force One, using the power of computers. Look at how many screens that guy has. He has, like, a roomfull of computer screens. And the trailer also shows him uploading some scary computer thing, which is 98 percent complete by the end of the trailer — because blowing up Congress, disabling the U.S. government and taking over the White House are just a diversion from his real goal. Which, by the look of things, is awesome cyber.


This trailer also shows off the insane "buddy comedy" hijinks between Channing Tatum, as a failed wannabe Secret Service agent, and Jamie Foxx as the president, who's forced to grab a rocket launcher and start dishing out the rockets' red glare. Cannot wait for this movie.

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