Feast your eyes on Póstumo, aka "The Deck of the Dead." This grisly twist on your traditional 52-card deck is the damn-fine work of Obsidian Abnormal and Darren J. Gendron (the same duo that brings you Hello With Cheese), and it is nothing if not inspired.

Write the creators:

We remixed the suits into spades, clubs, hearts and brains, taking literal representations of each. Spades are now actual shovels, while clubs are shown as bats and other blunt objects. Hearts take on a fleshy connotation. Diamonds are replaced by the most valuable thing to a zombie - BRAINS.

The font is specially designed for Póstumo by Obsidian, creating a distressed and fleshed interpretation of Garamond. The final versions of each card have up to 10 different illustrations of brains, clubs, spades or hearts.


We're particularly fond of their take on the one-eyed royals:

See more at Hello With Cheese and the deck's Kickstarter Page.