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A Gorgeous Retro Space Romance from Niki & the Dove

Niki & the Dove have released a stunning SF-themed video for their song, "Tomorrow," in anticipation of the May 14 release of their debut album, Instinct. In the video, Niki is desperate to get back home to her man, but en route she must endure the perils of faster-than-light travel, a depressurized cabin, and a hazardous re-entry, once at her destination.


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Corpore Metal

Usually when I listen to music for the first time, I leave the video off as distracting. Music needs to stand on it's own. But yeah, I like this! Has a kind Kate Bush feel, which is good!

Now that I look at sure, enough, that gal looks a bit like Bush. I don't know if that's just coincidence or not.