A gorgeous HD video of Niagara Falls, shot from a Quad-Copter

Here now is a spellbinding five-minute vacation for your brain: a high definition video of Niagara Falls, shot using a DJI Phantom quad-copter and a GoPro Hero 3.


The video was created by YouTube user questpact for consideration in the DJI Phantom Video Contest. The winners of the competition wont be announced until next month, but questpact's entry is sure to be a formidable contender; at roughly 150-feet high, the Niagara Falls are far from the tallest on Earth, but their unmatched flow-rate (as much as six-million cubic feet per minute) makes for some riveting aerial footage.

For optimal results, watch on full screen, HD, with headphones if you got 'em. This is not to be missed.



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1. Did he get a permit to fly and film this.

2. Did he have to get it from both countries?

3. If he didn't get the permit from both countries, what happen if the drone crosses the border?