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A gorgeous fantasy cartoon that aspires to be The Hobbit on LSD

When animator Adrian Dexter set out to make his short fantasy flick Væsen, he had a very clear aesthetic in mind. "Basically I wanted Rankin-Bass on acid, written by Borges," he explained to Cartoon Brew. Dexter created this film for his bachelor's project at Denmark's Animation Workshop. Here's the synopsis:

A prince sets off on a journey to save his dying father, driven by his fear of failing him.

The final product is trippy as balls, a twinge NSFW, and makes me want to throw on some Jethro Tull or Tangerine Dream.

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I don't get it... I think I understand the part where he needs to kill the dragon. Catch its blood. Pour a bit back into the mouth of the dragon(?), and water a tree with the rest. The tree will then grow old. Is the kings life entwined with the tree? If the tree lives will the king? So he sets out on his quest. He cut the head of the woman off to use as a lantern, why? He then killed the great stag because the dragon is dead, and the king dies. I think there are some key parts of the story missing here.