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A gorgeous composite image of yesterday's ring of fire eclipse

Illustration for article titled A gorgeous composite image of yesterdays ring of fire eclipse

Yesterday's annular – aka "ring of fire" – eclipse was only visible from Australia, Papau New Guinea and boats floating in just the right patch of the Pacific Ocean. Here's what it looked like from Cape York, Australia.


The photograph was captured by Mike Hancock and posted to reddit earlier this morning. You can check out more beautiful photos of yesterday's eclipse on his website.

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I saw last year's annular eclipse from a prime viewing location in the southwest United States. It lasted for two hours, and part of the sun was still obscured by the moon as they set behind the mountains.

I happened to pick a viewing spot right next to a nice older gentlemen who gave me and my cousin extra pairs of eclipse-viewing glasses. I found out later, after the eclipse when we were chatting with this gentleman and is friend, that he was none other than Don Johanson, who discovered Australopithecus (Lucy) in Ethiopia back in the 1970s.

It's amazing who you could meet at an eclipse.