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August 9 is the 65th anniversary of the day the US dropped "Fat Man" over Nagasaki. The Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Archive has created a Google Earth map that documents where survivors were in relation to the blast.


Here's NABA's mission:

[By] mapping the information with topographic data, the user can enhance the experience of what it was like when the A-bomb struck Nagasaki, in detail. "Nagasaki Archive" is an attempt to reorganize all of those information on a digital virtual globe (google earth). In order to make Nagasaki the last place on earth where the A-bomb struck, we hope that many people to interact with and learn from "Nagasaki Archive".


A good number of the testimonies (which you can see here; requires Google Earth) are in Japanese, but this project is a must-see regardless. The melding of the survivors' accounts with the topographic data truly illustrates the destructive power of atomic weapons.

[Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Archive via Google Earth Blog]

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