What is it like to date a Drow, one of the matriarchal, subterranean-dwelling dark elves of a fantasy realm? In this webcomic, the grump gnome Newman finds out when he's assigned one as his monster extermination partner and finds himself quickly falling for her.

Josh Ulrich's webcomic Newman (also on Tapastic) is set in mishmash of our world and a fantasy world, where humans and pixies rub elbows with orcs and Drow, and people are devoured by the occasional lake monster. Newman is an employee at a monster extermination company who is pining over Emaline, the long-term girlfriend he thought he was going to marry.


It's only when he's partnered with Gwen that he finally finds a way out of his funk. The Drow lady is upbeat and open, and she quickly pushes Newman out of his comfort zone—which is precisely what he needs. It isn't long before he realizes that Gwen is a far better match for him than Emaline ever was.

But life isn't simple for monster hunters, especially when they're not from opposite sides of the world's surface. When they're not taking down giant spiders or weird slime, Gwen and Newman have to contend with mind control, lycanthropy, and one unpleasant Drow mother. You know, the usual perils of dating.

Newman is ultimately light-hearted, though, and what makes it work is that, through it all, Gwen and Newman's relationship is an extremely functional one. It's nice to see two characters deal with monstrous stressors and familial strangeness, only to hunker down and cuddle at the end of the day. Ulrich is so wonderfully playful with his world and his characters that we're almost convinced that dating a Drow would be utterly delightful.