A Girl's Drawings Come Alive in This Playful Blend of Live Action and Animation

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Directed by Danny Madden, Frolic n’ Mae tells the tale of a little girl who slowly realizes she’s the weirdo outcast at a slumber party. To cope with her bitchy preteen peers, she begins doodling, but the artwork magically comes alive—and causes all sorts of mischief and mayhem in the process.


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I wonder what the plot of Bond 25 will be?

Something along the lines of a daft morally corrupt real estate mogul running for the presidency by conspiring with a former KGB politician to manipulate an election? The subplot would be the global plan by the Russians to take over the Baltics with world conflict and the delegitimization of Western democracies as a smoke screen.

The finale would be at a golf course in Florida where the villains baseball capped minions with neo-Nazi tatoos pull swords out of their golf clubs and do battle with the CIA and FBI led by Bond. Also at some point Bond gets seduced by the villains daughter, but she betrays him and has an unconventional relationship with her father. Film ends with Bond saving the day and revealing the villain as a compulsive liar to his supporters who wisely turn on him.

A highlight of the film would be the inevitable formal dinner between Bond and the villain in which Bond outclasses the villain by telling him how steak is properly prepared.

I was thinking they could cast Alec Baldwin for the role but he’s too handsome and articulate. Also his hands are too big. For some reason I envision someone with a bizarre skin condition like Karl Stromberg in the Spy Who Loved Me only orange hued instead.

Gosh, this stuff practically writes itself. Or has this been done already?