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Check out the full-length trailer for Girl & It, a lovely 40-minute animated short by United Arab Emirates film-maker Mohammad Fikree. A prince goes into the wilderness to hunt a horned beast and win his throne... but discovers that a mysterious girl is the beast's friend.

According to a new interview in The National, Fikree created a whole new language for the characters in his film to speak, which sounds somewhat similar to Malay. The film will have subtitles in English and Arabic. Here's the official synopsis for the film, which is the first part of an eventual trilogy:

The hunter sets out to hunt a horned beast to prove himself worthy of taking the throne after his father. After he encounters the beast, he chases it into the deep forest. While searching for the it, he stumbled upon a mysterious girl who lives with the beast.


Fikree created a much shorter version of Girl & It for a film festival in 2009, with somewhat less polished animation. You can watch the whole 2009 version here: