A Girl Inherits A Wizard's House—And Discovers A War Happening Inside

When Henrietta Achilles, the protagonist of Haiko Hörnig's webcomic A House Divided, learns that she has inherited the estate of her "uncle," she's understandably suspicious. After all, she's never heard of him. But that's the least of her concerns when she shows up at the house and discovers there's a war going on.

A House Divided is just getting started, but it's already great fun. Henrietta lost her parents in the Old Grand War and has been living in an orphanage ever since — at least until she's brought to Malrenard ("A Livable Place") and told that she's an heiress. She's also told that she had an uncle she never knew about, a famous wizard by the name of Ornun Zol. Henrietta doesn't believe a word of it, and she quickly realizes that there is something that the people of Malrednard are not telling her.


Then she sees the house.

Sure it's grand. Sure it's got the coolest library Henrietta's ever seen. But it's also rumored to be home to a great treasure, one that has sparked a war.

It's a very silly war. Hörnig has a great sense of comic timing, and he pairs the visual humor with a fine bit of absurdity. The parties aren't just fighting over the supposed treasure; they're fighting over everything in the house, down to the food in the kitchen. And Henrietta has just jumped into the fray. There's sure to be a lot of zaniness before she figures out the mystery of Ornun Zol, his house, and whether she's actually related to him.

Discovered via Kate Beaton.

[A House Divided — Also available on Tapastic.]


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