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A Gigantic Pendulum Wave Made From 16 Bowling Balls

We're used to seeing pendulum waves generated on tiny scaffolds with itty-bitty balls. But as this awesome demonstration points out, the same physics applies even at the largest scales.


The key to pendulum waves — and understanding why the balls appear to move in and out of synch with each other — is that the strings are at different lengths. This causes each ball to swing at a different rate. Eventually, as the balls move back and forth, they eventually "match up" and produce a wave-like pattern, like the one seen at about 2:40.

This pendulum was built by Appalachian State University teacher and artist Jeff Goodman.


H/t This Is Colossal.

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Corpore Metal

As I said before: resonance is one of the most powerful ideas in physics.

You find it everywhere, chaos dynamics, quantum mechanics, celestial mechanics, earthquakes, engineering, acoustics and on and on.