A giant duck head regurgitates candy at happy children

Have you ever dreamed of being fed mama-bird style by a huge automated duck? Your wildest visions are now a reality thanks to students at Georgia Tech's Digital World & Image Group.

For their Fall 2010 project, the students built "Ducks Feed People," an oversized mechanized duck head that barfs candy whenever someone feeds the real ducks of Atlanta's Piedmont Park. Here's how the students describe the project:

Ducks Feed People focuses on public parks and one typical behavior often performed there: visitors feeding ducks (or geese, squirrel, and other animals). A typical pleasure of a urban dweller with some connection to whatever nature life is left in the neighborhood. It is directed from us humans to the needy animal.

But what if the feeding would be reversed?

We turned the ducks into food providers for park visitors. To achieve that, we built a large artificial duck head and tested it in Atlanta's Piedmont Park. A web cam detects the presence and activity of ducks in the pond. This activity, then, triggers, the artificial bird head, which lets sweets rain from its beak - feeding the humans.

The final product is pretty darn hilarious. It's like a scene seemingly out of a family-friendly recut of Zardoz.

Hat tip to Liza!

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Except that if you stand in a spot near a duck pond where people regularly feed ducks, the ducks will flock to you, assuming you are going to feed them. You get candy, the ducks get screwed.