A Ghostbusters TV Spot Has Revealed Dan Aykroyd's Cameo

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You know how people often complain that the hojillion TV spots any big movie receives these days often let you see most of the damn film before it’s even out? This latest TV spot for Ghostbusters features a scene that was probably best saved for the movie.

Illustration for article titled A iGhostbusters/i TV Spot Has Revealed Dan Aykroyds Cameo

Fresh off giving his own (unsurprisingly) positive review of the film, shakycam footage of a TV spot airing in the UK for Ghostbusters ends with the revelation of Aykroyd’s cameo in the film as a taxicab driver. Check it out in all its low-quality glory below:

Yes, he said the thing.

It’s goofy, but kind of what you’d expect from one of these cameos. Still, it seems weird that this is being included in the pre-release marketing for the film. Maybe it’s an attempt to appease the furor over this being a reboot? Typical marketing people, not caring about whatever footage is sent to them? Either way, it’s your first look at an original Ghostbuster in the new movie.

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I still maintain that if they wanted to do an all female ghostbusters it should have been a continuation not a reboot. Essentially in the first movie they talked about how the “Franchising rights alone will make us millions”. So fast forward all these years later and who might need money? Venkman. Have him scam the girls and sell the Ghostbuster name and all the gear after they express an interest in it. He gives them the “Gear” as in all the 80's gear and tech and they feel ripped off until they realize it works just not very well due to age. Que them updating it to modern tech and styling and you could have them show how interested they are in the paranormal and how smart they are to actually improve on these designs and do things the Ghostbusters couldn’t do originally.

But moving it forward in time, disavowing the first 2 movies and all that has come since then while still having them cameo just feels like a complete waste and so damn lazy and uninspired. Plus not many of the jokes in the trailer or commercials are hitting. Just falling flat no matter if it was a man or a woman saying it.