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A Ghost Story Looks Like a Poignant Take on What It Means to Be Haunted by Loss

Illustration for article titled iA Ghost Story/i Looks Like a Poignant Take on What It Means to Be Haunted by Loss

At first, the idea of someone—presumably Casey Affleck—walking around in a white sheet with black eyeholes seems silly. Then it turns creepy and eventually becomes incontrovertibly sad.

Since its debut at Sundance earlier this year, A Ghost Story has garnered a bunch of praise from film critics. Written and directed by David Lowery and starring Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck, it’s from the same studio behind Ex Machina, The Witch and 20th Century Women. The trailer offers up broad strokes of emotional tone but it looks like there might be an actual supernatural afterlife happening in this movie as well. We’ll see when A Ghost Movie comes out on July 7.


Video games. Comic books. Blackness.

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Nope. I’m tired of the shoe gaze-pause genre. I recently fell for it twice with Manchester by the Sea and Moonlight. Those two movies bored me out of my mind. And this looks like more of the same. Especially with the blurbs. Anything that is called “profound” is going to be filled with scenes where nothing happens, the camera shakes to give it that “real” look and people have conversations where they stare at their shoes and pause before saying cliches like, “.......yeah.” or “......I can’t do this anymore.” or “ are not the same.”

Nah, pass.