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A Genetically Engineered 'Happy Plant' Turns on Its Maker in the Eerie Trailer for Little Joe

Emily Beecham as Alice.
Emily Beecham as Alice.
Image: Magnolia Pictures
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A corporate plant breeder (Emily Beecham) believes she’s created a flower that looks beautiful, smells divine, and has actual mood-enhancing powers. But as it turns out, nature may still be in control with far less benevolent intentions—as this new trailer for Little Joe reveals.


Beecham (Into the Badlands) won the Best Actress prize at the Cannes Film Festival for her performance as a single mom whose scientific tinkerings take a decidedly strange turn in Little Joe. In this trailer—which hints at the film’s gorgeous compositions and color schemes—Beecham’s character is asked, “Which of your children will you choose?” It’s kinda hard to tell which direction she ends up going.

Directed and co-written by Austrian filmmaker Jessica Hausner, Little Joe, which co-stars Ben Whishaw (yes, Paddington) and Kerry Fox, opens in theaters on December 6.


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