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A Geeky Video Store Finds Unexpected New Life in This Hopeful Short Doc

Illustration for article titled A Geeky Video Store Finds Unexpected New Life in This Hopeful Short Doc

Cinephile hotspot Videoport was located in Portland, Maine. But the tale shared in P3’s Videoport: A Short Doc will ring familiar to anyone who has fond memories of prowling the aisles of his or her favorite quirky indie video store, looking for a hidden gem or old favorite to pop into the VCR or DVD player.


When Videoport recently closed after nearly 30 years, Portland lost not just a place to physically rent movies, but a hub of offbeat culture that had become its own community over the years. Fortunately, there’s an unexpectedly happy ending (which isn’t just an isolated case!) The takeaway is that while viewing habits and technology may change, the love of cinema is something that will always endure.

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I lived in Maine most of my life, but sadly i never checked out VideoPort. I know it had porn long before there was the Internet. I do miss video stores from time to time, just wandering the shelves, finding some old gem of a movie you never heard of. I also found this interesting.

(We kept waiting for Portland, Maine-based celebrities to save our day, to no avail — Judd Nelson and Anna Kendrick, it’s too late now.)

The only celebrities from Maine i knew off were Stephen King and Tony Shaloub. He went to the University Of Southern Maine, the school I got my Bachelor Degree from.