Before Jon Spaihts wrote the early script drafts for Prometheus, he was famous for some of his spec scripts — notably Passengers. which turned up on the "black list" of unproduced screenplays. And now, Keanu Reeves is producing and starring in Passengers, with a Game of Thrones director on board.

Top image: Diarment on Deviant Art.

Passengers takes place on a spaceship on its way to colonize a distant planet, with all the colonists in suspended animation — except that one of them (Reeves) wakes up early due to a malfunction. He's faced with the prospect of 90 years on a spaceship alone, so he does something ultra-selfish — he wakes a beautiful woman early, and claims that her awakening was an accident, just like his. Eventually, they discover the ship is in trouble and might not reach its destination. It's a "unique love story," according to Deadline.


Brian Kirk, who's directed episodes of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire, will make this his big-screen debut.

When we interviewed Spaihts last year, we asked whether it would be hard for audiences to relate to such a selfish main character. He responded:

If your character does something indefensible and feels shame about that… well, who can't connect to that? We've all done that. I think it's easier to relate to that guy than to a paragon of virtue.

If your character sins and engages in denial or rationalization or other evasive behaviors… that's human too.

What's hard is relating to characters who seem to be fundamentally bad people: heartless, cruel, sadistic. Nobody likes a narcissist or a sociopath. But if your character's a good person who's done bad things… that's a different matter. Many good stories start there.

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