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A Furless, Skinless CG Rocket Raccoon Will Fuel Your Nightmares Tonight

As fascinating as behind the scenes looks at Hollywood blockbusters can be, there are some secrets you probably don’t want to know. For example, to make living creatures move as realistically as possible, visual effects artists will create full skeletal and muscle systems under a character’s simulated skin, as is horribly revealed in this Guardians of the Galaxy 2 VFX breakdown reel by Framestore.


The horrors of seeing Rocket skinned alive are only slightly softened by seeing how Baby Groot’s adorable dance routine in the film’s opening sequence was realized. The reel doesn’t provide too many surprises—you probably assumed the color-saturated distant world the Guardians live in was brought to life through a heavy use of computer graphics and green screen. But it still provides a fascinating look at just how much work is left on a film these days, once the actual filming is complete.

[YouTube via ART of VFX]

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Some of the shots there show they filmed Yondu on blue screen. I genuinely have no idea how they would have keyed that out, seeing as his skin is almost the exact same shade of blue. There must have been a reason why they used blue instead of green, but I can’t imagine what it would have been.