A Fresh Blood Cocktail Will Perk You Right Up, Ladies

After the lugubrious conversations, the long sequences where people do nothing but walk, and at least 5 belly dances, we discover something shocking about this little club in the Philippines. Knives! Bloodletting! Naked sacrifice!

You know you're watching a low-budget 1960s flick when two actors spend like 45 minutes talking about "sex crime motivation" and then there's a random scene of a woman belly dancing in a Stevie Nicks outfit. Sadly Blood Thirst isn't devoted entirely to following cop Vic Diaz around, because I'd watch him watch paint dry. But I'll settle for this scene too, where we discover who has been killing the "beautiful ladies" of Manila. It's - it's - a GIRL! And her lumpy-faced knife boy.


I'll bet you can guess the plot. Girls are murdered. Could it be Satan, asks a woman. No little lady, the American cop tells her, before mashing his face into hers (thus making her fall in love with him). OK, let's look for who it is, they say. OK, we'll help before getting killed, say a bunch of guys who aren't American. HAHA it is I who haz killed them! cackles a lady who is a million-year-old Inca or something but is mysteriously blond and likes to belly dance despite being a powerful immortal. RRRR, says the lumpy guy. We haz got you, replies the American and his new girlfriend whose face he mashed earlier.

Oh noes! I am now an old hag and oops I am dead, says the Satan lady. Nobody admits that the girlfriend was right all along. Everything is OK in Manila again. Thanks, USA! The end.


Blood Thirst is awesome. The DVD I have from Alpha Video claims it came out in 1965, which seems corroborated by all the skinny ties. IMDB says 1971. Let's just say it was another time.

Blood Thirst via IMDB

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