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Do you feel like you're falling behind when it comes to the latest developments in post-apocalyptic pop culture? Now you never have to be out of the end-of-the-world loop again, thanks to the Quiet Earth blog, a fantastic compendium of all things apocalypse devoted to "making the post-apocalyptic genre mainstream." Hold the right-wing nut jokes, please. The team of 7 smart weirdos who run this site cover everything from books to video games, and they find some of the most obscure freaky shit I've ever seen.


Like who knew about this apocalyptic animated short Dear Beautiful? Or the upcoming Christmas apocalypse movie Satan Hates You? And in case you need to plan your apocalypse carefully, they have a nice sidebar listing every pre- and post-apocalyptic movie coming out in the next year or so. Plus, they have a radio show. Hopefully next they'll have a recipe book. Stick this blog in your RSS feed. You won't be sorry.

Quiet Earth [blog]

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