A free mixtape of John Carpenter's greatest soundtracks by Alan Howarth

Illustration for article titled A free mixtape of John Carpenters greatest soundtracks by Alan Howarth

What's better than a mixtape of John Carpenter's finest movie themes? How about a mixtape curated by his longtime musical collaborator Alan Howarth, who co-composed the soundtracks for Escape From New York, They Live, and Big Trouble in Little China?

Howarth made this mix for electronic music magazine Resident Advisor's Halloween podcast. The tracklist isn't listed, but if you ever needed a crash course in the music of John Carpenter, this is it — the soundtrack covers everything from Christine to ol' Jack Burton's theme song. You can download the MP3 of this 61-minute mix here. Ridiculously recommended.

[Resident Advisor via Nerdcore]

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I loved the Vampires sound track, it sounded like John Carpenter was in his garage with an electric guitar jamming the whole time... which would explain why the movie itself had way better music than movie.