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A Force Awakens Luke Skywalker Twitter Feed Gives Emo Kylo Ren A Run For His Money

Illustration for article titled A iForce Awakens/i Luke Skywalker Twitter Feed Gives Emo Kylo Ren A Run For His Money

Mere days after Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit theaters, a hilarious fake Kylo Ren Twitter feed instantly went viral. Well another huge spoiler from the film has now made its way on Twitter and it’s related to Luke Skywalker.


Massive spoilers for The Force Awakens follow.

The account is called @VeryLonelyLuke which, of course, is because Luke Skywalker has spent God knows how long “vanished” on a sparse planet recently revealed to be called Ahch-To. From his isolated island, @VeryLonelyLuke ponders on the nature of Star Wars and what it’s like to be oh, so alone. Here are some of the highlights.


Since we know Rey now visits Luke there, is Luke’s Twitter account actually tweeting from the past? Is this a prequel? Only @VeryLonelyLuke would know.


See many more really funny and sad tweets at @VeryLonelyLuke. And to read more about that mysterious planet he’s on, check out the first Morning Spoilers of 2016.

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Why are you surprised? The Force isn’t the only thing that is strong in the Skywalker bloodline. The Whining is just as strong.

Except on the women. They got the I-Have-No-Time-For-Your-Bullshit gene from the Naberrie side of the family.