Mesmerizingly psychotic comic book artist Ben Templesmith has posted this alarming picture he's drawn for the cover of the French version of his Wormwood, Gentleman Corpse book, "It Only Hurts When I Pee."

Let's take a closer look at that tentacle squeezing this creature's face into bulbous proportions. Whoa.


Templesmith lent his hand to 30 Days of Night, making some of the most memorably horrifying and bloody illustrations I've ever seen in a horror comic. Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse is a solo comic for him, and is a slapsticky horror tale of a worm who drives around inside a rotting corpse, steering from its eyesocket. He and his Scooby gang - a deadly lady with wings and a mental android - fight crime together in a steampunky, tentacular universe of weirdness. This cover is for the French edition of the second collection of the comic series.

There are three collections of the comic available in English, and you can get the first one here via Amazon. If you like gore and monsters, you'll also love another series Templesmith is working on, about werewolves who run an insane asylum. It's called Welcome to Hoxford.


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