A Flood Of 80s Comedy Remakes, From Big To Bill And Ted

Now this truly is a bogus journey. Three iconic 1980s films are being dug out of the graveyard of Hollywood ideas, and dusted off for another go. One of these has got to be a joke, but which?

To the mooted remake of Weird Science, add these new contenders:

Honey I Shrunk The Kids


A website we're not too familiar with, What's Playing, is reporting that an original crew member from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, has confirmed that Disney is secretly trying to reboot the film. But don't get your hopes up, Rick Moranis purists. He's not involved, because he is 100% retired, apart from the voice work he does now and again.


Now this isn't a pure translation, because instead of one kid, there are several chldren morphing into adults magically and being forced into the real world. The title of the new Fox film is, Premature Maturation. The plot is simple: A bunch of junior high kids magically become adults, and hilarity presumably ensues. Not so sure about this film, since part of the overall appeal of watching a boy dealing with horrible adult issues was Tom Hanks' preternaturally innocent facial expressions. We imagine this would be difficult to repeat. [via Slashfilm. ]

Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure

In an interview with Keanu Reeves MTV asked Reeves about getting the next Bill & Ted movie greenlit. To which Reeves responds, "I'm trying." Excuse us, what now?


Either he's deadly serious or he's seriously fucking with the reporter, Josh Horowitz, both we could easily see happening. But we can't really tell because it's Reeves — the man is a robot. You decide: fake, or for real?


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