In this video captured yesterday in Toowoomba, Australia, the city's East Creek rises dramatically after 6 inches of rain falls in 30 minutes. The waters easily carry away parked cars. Watch this jarring footage taken from a nearby office building.

The Australian state of Queensland has been afflicted by intense flooding since late December, and three-quarters of the state — an area twice the size of Texas — has been declared a disaster zone. The floodwaters are expected to hit Queensland's capital of Brisbane later this week.


During Monday's inundation of Toowoomba, floodwaters as high as 20 feet were reported, automobiles were swept away, and houses were ripped from their foundation. Said Leroy Shephard from the nearby town of Grantham.

You could feel the whole house just pop up off its stumps, turn around, and go - for 330 feet or something down my backyard [...] It's not a good feeling having the floorboards under your feet just ripple, the whole house just ripple and crack, and watching rooms just disappear.

At least 10 people are dead and 78 are missing from the Toowoomba flood alone. Here's the Queensland Government's site on flood relief efforts and a report on yesterday's flood from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

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