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There's nothing like an epic fantasy novel to deliver mega-battles. And here's one of the most mega, the battle of Dumai's Wells from Robert Jordan's Lord of Chaos, as illustrated by Greg Manchess for Tor's reissue of the book.


Click the image to see it in full, burning glory. Over at Tor, Manchess explained how he chose which part of the battle to illustrate:

I had to pick the moment carefully. Depict a moment too far in advance of the mayhem and it weakens the excitement. Too far after the initial firestorm and I'd be depicting heaps of charred meat. I chose the moment just before the detonations went rending through the ranks completely. The wave is just starting to sweep over the Aiel, but as timing isn't quite so precise, I depicted the flames cresting quickly from right to left, allowing the viewer "time" to see what was about to come. Utter flaming chaos.


Utter flaming chaos is what we like to see first thing in the morning, thank you very much.

via Tor and The Art Department

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