Biting the dust a few days away from retirement is a bit of an action movie cliche. But in the case of Heavy Metal’s new scifi comic, the mere threat of it could have ramifications for the entire galaxy if Henry Waters, guardian of Earth, meets his end. This is The Doorman, and we’ve got an exclusive look at the first issue!

In the world of Eliot Rahal, Daniel Kibblesmith, and Kendall Goode’s The Doorman, doors that opens to rifts connected across the universe are guarded by a union of gatekeepers known as the Doormen, allowing safe passage between worlds for those in need. But just as Henry Clay Waters serves his final day as the Doorman of Earth, he finds himself the target of a series of space assassins, and an intergalatic cop looking to prevent the murder of every Doorman in the universe. There’s fun! Adventure! Lasers punching giant holes into people’s heads! Turns out, standing around looking after a doorway to the galaxy can be a pretty dangerous line of work.


Here’s a look at the first few pages of The Doorman #1, as well as a couple of extra pages from later on the issue, making their debut here on io9.

That might just be the first time I’ve ever seen the word “SPLOOSH!” used as the sound of someone’s head exploding in a comic, and honestly, it’s just the right mixture of gross and silly.

The Doorman #1 will be on sale March 16th.