A First Kiss That Would Kill A Normal Human

This exclusive clip from Monday's Kyle XY is a teen sex-comedy gem. It's not just the smooch that packs a little extra voltage, it's the screamingly funny dialogue. We explain, with minor spoilers, below.

Moments like the above are a major reason I've gone from a Kyle skeptic to an actual fan of the show. It's a lot funnier — and saucier — than you'd expect a wholesome teen show on ABC Family to be. At the very least, it's more fun than Smallville or Heroes.


You can't fully appreciate this clip, unless you know that Kyle walked in on Jessi in the shower earlier in the episode. And stared. And stared. As you can see from the episode's other promo clips, which we posted yesterday. Here they are again:

Meanwhile, loyal fans will know that Kyle's girlfriend Amanda — who doesn't know about his secret life as a superpowerd test-tube baby — got a weird device implanted into the base of her skull by evil-science organization Latnok. She's had mysterious headaches ever since, so Kyle decides to try and scan her using his own ability to generate electricity.

But how can he be sure what's a safe voltage? There's only one answer: he has to test it out on Jessi, his fellow test-tube superperson. I love the dialogue like, "This is weird!" "No, it's science!" And of course, "You've already seen me naked."

I think we can all see where this is going — especially since the trailers already showed Amanda walking in on the two kissing sorta-cousins.

The episode is on ABC Family Monday at 9 PM.



That was awesome!! "you need more practice". LOL!!! This show just keeps getting better and better!!!!