A Fantasy Film Noir About A Beautiful Thief Who Steals Ideas

Combining 3D and 2D animation, short film Dark Noir plunges us into a visually striking world where ideas exist as monstrous beings that can be stolen from their owners. When a detective goes in search of an old man's ideas, he learns something about his own past.


Comic book creator Rafael Grampá wrote and directed Dark Noir, which was animated by Red Knuckles animation studio. There was also a crowdsourcing element to the film's development—which seems strangely apt for a tale about stealing ideas. Grampá took suggestions from Absolut's Facebook followers in creating the story. But it's Grampá's character designs and Red Knuckles' animation that make this short something special.


[via Short of the Week]

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I'm fine with the timeless trend of business as patron of the arts for advertising purposes, but as a whisky guzzler is there any word on a Jameson funded retelling of 1984? That would be doubleneat.