A Fan Video That Celebrates Marvel's Quieter Moments

The Marvel movies rightly get praise for their action and their witty writing, but Gen Kim has made a video that focuses on the universe's more subtle moments. Without dialogue, and set to José González's "Stay Alive," the emotion the actors convey with their faces and body language are thrown into stark relief.

Kim says about the video:

[T]he major emotional themes that I focused on were fighting personal loss and depression. I spent roughly 65 hours and went through 13 drafts to reach this final product over the last two weeks.

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Hey guys, I'm the editor of this video - just as I was blown away by the reaction to my Guild Wars 2 and Destiny videos on Kotaku, I'm incredibly moved by the reaction to my latest work. Thank you all for the support - it is absolutely fans like you that makes sacrificing my spare time worth it.

One disappointing aspect that I've encountered in the last few days is Youtube's ridiculous content ID system. As of today, I'm in "bad standing" according to the copyright strike program. They've deleted one of my two Guild Wars 2 videos so far. I truly believe that my editing style requires use of an entire music track, and that this utilization falls under fair use laws. Oh well. If you guys want more work like this, then let me know - it's tough to keep going when recording companies are hounding me.