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A Fairy Tale Bleeds Into Reality in the Eerie Trailer for American Fable

Illustration for article titled A Fairy Tale Bleeds Into Reality in the Eerie Trailer for iAmerican Fable/i
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On a Midwestern farm, a young girl delights in scary bedtime stories—until the fairy tales that she dreams about start taking shape in the real world, and not in a good way. Who’s that man being held captive in the creepy silo, and what’s up with that weird horseback rider who’s lurking in the fields?


This looks like a gold-burnished blend of Americana, Pan’s Labyrinth, and The Wicker Man, and it sure looks like that little girl is going to have to overcome a lot to get her happy ending.


American Fable is the directorial debut of Anne Hamilton, who got her start working for legendary filmmaker Terrence Malick, an apparent visual influence here. The film, an IFC Midnight release, opens February 17.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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You were going to free him, weren’t you?