A Dumb Chair Ruined Mahershala Ali's Game of Thrones Audition

Mahershala Ali stole every scene he was in on Luke Cage and has had the kind of year where it seems like he was everywhere. But he could’ve been on Game of Thrones too years ago, if not for a stupid stool.


The actor who’s been lauded for his performances in Moonlight, House of Cards, and Hidden Figures was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, recounting a story about the time he was up for a minor role on the hit HBO series. He should totally go back and try out for a bigger role—just with appropriate furniture.

Video games. Comic books. Blackness.


I’m assuming he was up for Sallador Saan (sp). He would have killed it.

He’s having the kind of year most actors would do anything for, and good for him. He’s been great in everything I’ve ever seen him in.