Yesterday you saw the very first trailer for Peter Jackson's second Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug. Today we bring you screencaps of little details you may have missed, closer looks at new characters and Hobbit gifs! Behold a better look at the Lord Smaug, the Impenetrable!

Up top we have the dark version pulled straight from the trailer, but here's a lightened version. Look at that smile! Can't wait to see that belly.

Who is attacking Gandalf? (Seriously, do you recognize him?)

Close up.


Scrooge McDucking at Smaug's house in Lonely Mountain. My money is this is exactly where the second movie will end, on a cliffhanger.

Lee Pace acing the elf disdain as Thranduil.

Thranduil's home in Mirkwood.


A collection of gifs of Evangeline Lilly kicking ass as Tauriel. I may not like her outfit, but I like her ass-kicking. Via Fattybolger.

And finally a very lovely Hobbit gif to end this moment.

Full disclosure, I totally missed the Smaug moment at the end because for some batty reason I thought the trailer was over after Balin's line (also I didn't have my glasses but that is NO EXCUSE I'M SORRY). So thank you for the emails, tweets and comments telling me to get my dragon shit together. Hopefully the butterfly gif makes up for that. Hobbit gif party!