Whether launching the criminally-underexplored paleocyber genre, exploring the underrated plot spinning abilities of chimpanzees, or just issuing spoiler alerts to the universe, these very short science fiction stories do a lot with a little.

We asked you to tell us some six word science fiction stories today and now we've collected a dozen of our favorites right here. Read on!


Wait! Don't press ... sserp t'noD !tiaW -- TimeIsABigBallofWibblyWobblyTimeyWimey...Stuff, with a palindrome!


Life's true meaning is .... SPOILER ALERT!!! CucumberCheeseSandwich, who is following all the recap rules.

"Your head?"

"Last year's model."

"Nice." — mekki, revealing the secret conversations of fashion-conscious robots.


"A GENIE?! I'll be damned!" "GRANTED." — richardrae1, with a joke!

"You're next' was his cookie's fortune. Trader Daja Kisubo, cornering the unexplored homicidal cookie market.


Zombie brains actually are surprisingly tasty. Fauxcused, who flipped the usual zombie script.

You say "parasite". I say "accessory". angusm, striking an optimistic note.

Infinite Shakespeares type works of monkey.angusm, exploring one of the writing techniques of the future.


Reanimated skeletons made surprisingly good assistants. -- JennyGirlr, who is looking on the bright side.

Clones made terrible roommates, after all.Dolemite, on the very toughest person of all to live with.


"You can be anyone, little clone!"mikec25, from the clone-parenting handbook.

Stone spear sharpened! Destroy all cyber-mammoths!ernestolube, in the soon to be popular paleocyber style.


Image: New York Zoological Society