More specifically, "The Pixel Painter" is a microdocumentary about 97-year-old Hal Lasko (aka "Grandpa"), a former graphic artist who started creating in Microsoft Paint when he lost his eyesight. Today, he spends up to ten hours a day shaping 8-bit masterpieces one pixel at a time.

"We got Grandpa a computer probably fifteen years ago," says Lasko's grandson, Ryan. "I knew I had to show him Microsoft Paint. And once I did, he took off with it. It wasn't until years later that we realized how important this thing was to him."


Lasko leverages Paint's zoom feature to great effect, using it to explore subject matter ranging from autumn foliage to space highways ("a small statement about a big subject," he says of the latter). But the themes of his creations almost don't matter. Directed by Josh Bogdan, "The Pixel Painter" is as much an exploration of technological empowerment as it is a tribute to artistry in general; at its core, it's a poignant ode to passion, life, and the will to create.

If this doesn't thaw your cold, stony heart, nothing will.

Learn more, including where to purchase prints of Lasko's work, on his website.


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