As io9's resident ambassador for all music that sounds like Ming the Merciless' key party, it is my solemn duty to foist upon you "Distant Planet," a 1984 classic by italo disco group The Voyagers (who only made this one song).


Me and friend of io9 Marcelo Gallegos have been blasting this hypnotic track non-stop, as it aurally resembles being trapped on a lost satellite with only a stack of warped ABBA singles for companionship. The forlorn, mostly nonsense vocals (which were sung by people who probably didn't understand English) are about being lost in space and riding dragons and stuff.

There's no music video for "Distant Planet," but it fits rather swimmingly superimposed on top of Mamoru Oshii's 1985 surrealist anime Angel's Egg. The instrumental is pretty jazzy too.

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