A dilapidated recreation of China, right outside of Disney World

We recently posted about the ruins of the Black Sea resort town Gagra. io9 tipster theotherwhitegirl clued us in to another phantom vacation spot: Florida Splendid China Park, a teacup version of The People's Republic that was open from 1993-2003.


During its decade of existence, Splendid China Park — which was built on 75 acres outside of Orlando — attracted its share of controversy. The park was a facsimile of the original Splendid China Park in Shenzen, China. When Splendid China came stateside to educate Americans of China's wonders (at 1/10th the scale!), the park was criticized for its ties to the People's Republic and its happy-go-lucky portrayal of Tibet. Splendid China eventually closed due to flagging tourist interest, but the park still remains popular with urban explorers, skateboarders, and your run-of-the-mill trespasser.

[via Standing But Not Operating]

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