A Detailed Plan for Getting Humans Off Earth

At first glance, this dizzying flowchart looks more like a map of metabolic pathways than a plan for establishing a permanent human presence in space, but that's precisely what it is.

This remarkably detailed, chronologically organized "Integrated Space Plan" was created by aerospace conglomerate Rockwell International back in the 1980s, and gives an exhaustive (if somewhat daunting) glimpse into what it will take for humans to expand throughout the solar system and beyond.


A hi-res version of the plan, available here, was recently tracked down after years of searching by MAKE Magazine's Sean Ragan. Go on and give it a gander. Some of the projections are clearly tinted by a 1980s-era lens (the language, for example, is steeped in comparisons between aerospace innovations by "The West" and "The Soviets"), but many of the projections remain relevant to contemporary plans for deep space exploration.

[Via MAKE]

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