A Detailed Look At G.I. Joe's 80 MPH Power Suits

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When Duke himself (Channing Tatum) told us that he would be chasing high-speed cars on foot thanks to his high tech G.I. Joe power suit, we had to take a closer look. Here's a gallery.


At the premiere for Fighting, we asked actor Channing Tatum (who will play the rough and tumble character Duke) about filming G.I. Joe. Which turned into a fancy new super suit.

It was a lot of CGI - the whole car chase is on foot. It's in these big suits that run 80 miles per hour, so a lot of it is CGI. They look like the Iron Man suit, but different. They are a little more realistic, not so comic booky.

Hmmm, more realistic - whilst running 80 MPH and gymnasticing about between missiles? Yeah, still not that realistic, Duke, but it's still pretty shiny. Check out the still-by-still gallery of all the power-suit shots we could find from the trailer.

Update: Just found out from a tipster, "those suits ol' Channing was talking about are called - funnily enough, given the whole 80 mph thing - Accelerator Suits. I know this because they're the super-duper power-ups in the video game tie-ins, where they primarily pack a ton of bang-bang. Presumably, they do in the movie as well." -thanks!



Channing also noted that this was going to be way different from Iron Man since they made sure to pick a lead who would not exude talent and charisma.