A Design Student Built a Batsuit That Will Actually Protect You

Jackson Gordon, an industrial design student at Philadelphia University built himself a combat suit in the style of Batman. While not bulletproof, Gordon says his design will protect against fists, bats, and machetes.

Gordon blended functionality with his previous cosplay, where he just created great looking suit. As opposed to this actual combat one. The project started with prototypes in September of 2014 and then was funded by a Kickstarter starting in mid-November. The suit was finished a few weeks ago, just in time for Gordon to wear and invite people to help him test it out at Katsucon in Maryland.


Gordon's Facebook page, Armatus Designs, has a bunch of in-progress photos, for the process nerds out there. (Let's be honest, we're all process nerds.)

The helmet alone weighs 3 pounds, and the whole suit weighs 25 pounds, but Gordon told USA Today that even at that weight, he made sure to design something that he could actually move in:

It sounds like a lot, and when you have it in a bag over your shoulder it weighs a ton, but when you are actually wearing it, you barely feel it.

If this were to inhibit my movement, it would be completely useless.

Here's Gordon conducting a stress test on his suit:

So, if you start hearing about Batman fighting crime in Philadelphia, he should be our number one suspect. At the very least, he probably provided the suit.


All photos and videos from Armatus Designs Facebook Page

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