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A deranged 1988 PSA about a supercomputer who hates marijuana

Here's some VHS ephemera that gives the post-apocalyptic library education series Tomes & Talismans a run for its money. In 1988, actor Richard Kiley starred in Fast Forward Future, a three-part U.S. Department of Education-funded video series about a fortune-telling computer that warns children about the dangers of marijuana. From the synopsis:

The series follows Maggie, Zack, and Casey who have their share of big and small problems that they don't know how to handle. The Fast Forward Future Machine and the mysterious electronic Mentor (played by Richard Kiley) help each of the three explore the nature of their problems and the past effects or possible future effects of decisions they have made or can make.

The folks Everything is Terrible have dredged up a particularly mind-blowing sequence from this film, which I can only assume occurs inside a bathyscaphe that doubles as a vaporizer.


BONUS: This unrelated (albeit horrifying) reptilian drug dealer PSA from the 1980s.

[Via Laughing Squid]


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This reminds me of a similarly made series to teach kids of the 80's about the library dewey decimal system. It was set in some post apocalypse where a small group of orange jumpsuit wearing survivors found a large hidden room of books and had to use a computer system to figure out how to navigate them. Meanwhile, the Wipers were out to get them and erase all knowledge or something like that. It was educational with a visual style straight out of the V miniseries.