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A dentist wants to clone John Lennon from his rotten tooth

Illustration for article titled A dentist wants to clone John Lennon from his rotten tooth

All you need is DNA. A Canadian dentist says he's working with "American scientists" to clone John Lennon from a rotten molar the Beatles singer had extracted in the 1960s.


According to the press release (warning: it autoplays a weird parody song, "Love Me Tooth") dentist Michael Zuk bought the tooth at auction for $31,000 and now is working with an unspecified lab to see if they can clone him. Says Zuk:

I am nervous and excited at the possibility that we will be able to fully sequence John Lennon's DNA, very soon I hope. With researchers working on ways to clone mammoths, the same technology certainly could make human cloning a reality.


Zuk has set up a website, JohnLennonDNA, where he also reveals a weird sculpture his sister made, combining Lennon and fellow Beatle Paul McCartney into a nightmarish conglomeration, called "McLennon."

I just hope the clone is evil. Really. [via Salon]

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I kinda hope there's been a mix-up...and it's actually this guys tooth...