A Delightful Portrait of Hayao Miyazaki Made Out of Ghibli Characters

Illustration for article titled A Delightful Portrait of Hayao Miyazaki Made Out of Ghibli Characters

Characters and concepts from Studio Ghibli's films dance around this portrait of a smiling Hayao Miyazaki. Somehow it makes perfect sense to see cats in his mustache and dragons in his beard.


Artist C3nmt created this sweet illustrated tribute to the animation director, with a few inspired fashion choices. I could see Ghibli fans donning those Laputa glasses or wearing a tie made to resemble wandering balls of soot.

Hayao Miyazaki art portrait [C3nmt by TDW]

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MAKE2 Mifune

Pretty awesome, yet I'm saddened by the lack of Porco Rosso's inclusion. Such an important part of his filmography.

To qualify this, here are some snippets of an interview Miyazaki gave regarding Porco Rosso (a fantastic and personal- albeit frequently overlooked- part of his great filmography)

"Porco Rosso is a product of the early '90s, of my world views being challenged by real-world events. It's also the product of my resolve to overcome the challenge and build a stronger way of life, a stronger way of looking at things. Right now, I feel as though I understand my own philosophical conundrums a bit better then before, but the answers don't come to me easily, and I'm certain that my next work will reflect that."


"Pigs are creatures which might be loved, but they are never respected. They're synonymous with greed, obesity, debauchery. The word "pig" itself is used as an insult. I'm not an agnostic or anything, but I don't like a society that parades its righteousness. The righteousness of the U.S., the righteousness of Islam, the righteousness of China, the righteousness of this or that ethnic group, the righteousness of Greenpeace, the righteousness of the entrepreneur.... They all claim to be righteous, but they all try to coerce others into complying with their own standards. They restrain others through huge military power, economic power, political power or public opinions.

I myself have a number of things I believe are right. And some things make me angry. Actually, I'm a person who gets angry a lot more easily than most people, but I always try to start from teh assumption that human beings are foolish. I'm disgusted by the notion that man is the ultimate being, chosen by God. But I believe there are things in this world that are beautiful, that are important, that are worth striving for. I made the hero a pig because that was what best suited these feelings of mine."