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Located in Kromlau, Germany, the Rakotzbrücke was built as a perfect half-circle so that still waters and correct lighting would create the illusion of a full circle. It even has outcroppings on each side to make it look like a natural occurrence. In the imagination, it conjures thoughts of a portal to another world.


Image: Runde Sache by Holger Wirth/flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Could you pass through the Rakotzbrücke to another place? Another time? Is it an ancient Stargate? And what is on the rock formation on the other side?


In fact, it was commissioned in 1860 by a local knight. It's one of many "devil's bridges" — a bridge so fantastical in its design that it was believed that the Devil must have had a hand in it. These days, you can visit Kromlauer Park and see the Rakotzbrücke, but you can't actually cross it. They say it's to preserve it, but who knows?

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