Located in Kromlau, Germany, the Rakotzbr├╝cke was built as a perfect half-circle so that still waters and correct lighting would create the illusion of a full circle. It even has outcroppings on each side to make it look like a natural occurrence. In the imagination, it conjures thoughts of a portal to another world.

Image: Runde Sache by Holger Wirth/flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Could you pass through the Rakotzbr├╝cke to another place? Another time? Is it an ancient Stargate? And what is on the rock formation on the other side?


In fact, it was commissioned in 1860 by a local knight. It's one of many "devil's bridges" ÔÇö a bridge so fantastical in its design that it was believed that the Devil must have had a hand in it. These days, you can visit Kromlauer Park and see the Rakotzbr├╝cke, but you can't actually cross it. They say it's to preserve it, but who knows?

[via Atlas Obscura]

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