A Deleted Suicide Squad Scene Shows How Harley Kept the Joker's Attention

Image: WB

I, like the Joker, think that the appropriate response to a woman surfing a crashing motorcycle to get to you is to go take an acid bath.

Jared Leto has said that there’s enough cut material from Suicide Squad to make a Harley and Joker film. Thanks to EW, we now have a look at one of those scenes.


In it, a very distraught Harley chases the Joker down on a motorcycle which she then surfs to a stop in front of his purple car. To the Joker’s credit, he doesn’t just drive over her. And to Harley’s credit, this looks badass.

We can also sort of figure out when this takes place, since the clothing the two wear puts it right before Harley and the Joker take their jumps into the vats of cloth-but-not-flesh eating acid.


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