A Decontamination Chamber Scene That Will Make You Feel Contaminated

Italian B-movie director Antionio Margheriti decided to make his own version of Alien in 1989. And just like Ridley Scott's monster, the creature in Alien From The Deep can affect humans. Luckily, there's a cure... involving stripping to your underwear.

Oh, and this scene is probably work-safe... we think. If only we'd known about this scene when we put together our video compilation of shower scenes.


In Alien From The Deep, aka Alien degli Abissi, a plucky activist and her cameraman infiltrate an evil corporation that is dumping nuclear waste and radioactive materials into an active volcano. What could possibly go wrong, right? Sadly, they wake up some kind of extraterrestrial monster that's been sleeping under the volcano all this time, and it's immune to almost every kind of weapon.

Luckily, it turns out the creature isn't immune to being rammed with a construction truck, which the woman does in an obvious shout-out to the "Get away from her, you bitch" scene in Aliens. (Her post-decontamination underwear are even intended to make us think of Ripley, supposedly.) In any case, the movie's not content with having the female hero defeat the monster in a Ripley pastiche — the two guys have to step in and help out, with a specially designed monster-killing flamethrower. This clip also showcases how ridiculous-looking the monster actually is. It may be bigger than the Ridley Scott Alien, but that's about all it's got going for it:


That actually looks a surprising amount like the real decon shower chambers I've seen/been in. It's about ten times too big though. And yes, for some of them, you really do have to strip down. This is the best kind of plausibility: sexy plausibility.

Well, other than the whole "infected body fell on her 20 feet from a rather conveniently located decon chamber which she is for some reason reluctant to go into" bit.