A Deadly Fungus Is Stalking This Creature

This alien-looking creature is actually a newly discovered species of tree frog, Ecnomiohyla rabborum. And now it's one of 47,000 species on the latest endangered-species list. The culprit is an aggressive fungal infestation, introduced into the frog's habitat.

In this case, the Rabb's fringe-limbed treefrog is apparently being wiped out by a species of chytrid fungus, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, which has invaded its habitat in central Panama. Since the fungus was detected, only one of the species' males has been heard calling out, but no other males have been heard to answer.


There's also been some forest clear-cutting in its habitat, to build some luxury holiday homes, but that hasn't reached critical levels. Photo by Brad Wilson/UICN/AP Images [Guardian]

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